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Leader's Legacy Generations Begins March 24th, 2017

Leader's Legacy Generations is a leadership development program centered on developing the new workforce generation. This program focuses on growth through mentorship and self actualization. Our experienced Birkman certified consultants help all participants identify their strengths and "stress behaviors" so that they may perform more effectively in management and leadership roles.

As participants progress through Leader's Legacy Generations they are paired with mentors in professional industries, effectively opening a direct line of communication with an expert they can trust during their most trying times. These mentoring relationships are unstructured by design, allowing both the mentor and mentoring partner to have a mutually beneficial relationship. This multi-step, multi-touch program lasts a year; the process lasts a lifetime.

The cost of Generations is $3,250 for the full year. To discuss group discounts, please contact us for more information.

Our Process

“The Generations process helps people grow as leaders. One area you will learn is how to navigate through the difficult conversations of conflict to develop stronger relationships in both your work and personal life.”

“The Generations process helps people get a clearer framework for the future, who they want to be and where they want to go. It addresses and builds emotional intelligence in individuals that helps get them to the next level.”


  • Resolve conflicts more effectively.

    Our distinctive training helps individuals recognize the uniqueness they possess, along with that of everyone with whom they interact. By understanding that “not everyone thinks the way I do,” employees grow to appreciate differences and how to work toward more harmonious interactions.
  • Increase potential for promotions.

    A leader with a strong grasp of how to deal effectively with people becomes a valuable asset for the organization and worthy of advancing into roles of greater authority, responsibility and reward. In addition, we help them to recognize their strengths and passions so they can focus on areas in which they do the best and enjoy doing the most.
  • Learn to lead versus manage.

    Managers focus on tasks; leaders focus on the people assigned to perform the tasks. By learning to lead the way – and thus inspiring others to follow – work is accomplished by people who take pride in their work and see the value in it.
  • Increase job satisfaction.

    We all desire to be part of something meaningful. Learning to lead out of passion and concern enables you to see that your everyday job make a difference.


  • Increase employee engagement and loyalty.

    When employees feel valued, they desire to become a more active part in the corporate mission, feeling their contributions are appreciated and needed.
  • Increase employee retention.

    Once employees can sense they are making a genuine difference and can have a meaningful role in the organization beyond their own specific responsibilities, their likelihood to leave diminishes.
  • Teach employees to lead versus manage.

    Once they understand the difference between focusing just on the work to be done versus the people who must perform the work, they begin to grasp the principle of winning through maximizing the talents and contributions of the people they are charged to lead.
  • Help develop soft-skills

    Relationships are the key to success, both short-term and long-term. Helping emerging leaders discover the importance of relationships positions them for becoming more effective as they grow in responsibility and authority.
  • Become an “Employer of Choice”

    Compensation is only part of what makes an employee want to come to work for you. Developing them on both the professional and personal side serves to position you well against the competition for the top talent.


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