The Heart of Mentoring

Mentoring is commonplace today, particularly in the world of work, but too often it focuses solely on behavior and skills. In this book we address a greater need – the kind of mentoring that deals with the whole person, seeking to encourage change and develop people from the inside out. . Mentoring someone – or being mentored – should not be a chore, but a mutually beneficial relationship between mentor and mentoring partner.

By reading The Heart of Mentoring and learning the 10 proven principles for mentoring that it presents, you will become a more effective mentor. In The Heart of Mentoring, author David A. Stoddard draws from his vast experience in mentoring to illustrate 10 proven principles for helping to develop people to their fullest potential. You will learn characteristics of an effective mentor, including:

• Effective mentors understand that living is about giving.
• Effective mentors open their world to their mentoring partners.
• Effective mentors model character.
• Effective mentors recognize that Mentoring + Reproduction = Legacy.

Mentoring takes heart – and leaves a legacy.