Partnership Mentoring

Turtle on a post

The Secret To Reaching Your Goals

Did you ever see a turtle on a fencepost... It didn’t get there by itself!

To succeed in reaching your goals – personally and professionally – you can’t get there by
yourself, either.

Every successful person has had someone willing to offer help along the way. And most
successful people are willing to “give away” what they have learned. One of the most
effective and enjoyable ways of getting this help is by having an informal mentor.

An informal mentor is someone that is further along in his or her life and career journey than
you. It's someone you can trust that is willing to share with you some of the things they have
discovered along the way. You can learn from their successes – and failures.

The best mentors realize that in the process, they will learn from you as well. The relationship
you form will be mutually beneficial, and that’s part of the fun.

Partnership Mentoring™ Can Help You:

  • Grow and move toward your career and work objectives
  • Uncover your passions, determine priorities, and address important personal needs
  • Manage everyday challenges where you work and in your personal life
  • By providing you a go to person you can trust
  • Achieve greater work/life balance
  • Become a better person, and learn to build better relationships